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What Are The Chemicals Bond In Hair?


If we have bindings in our hair, do we break them on a daily basis? The answer to this peculiar question is yes, we do break them. We break them when we touch our hair, we break them when we take a shower and we break them when we roll around in our sleep.

Nonetheless, a few strokes later our hair is back to its original look. After taking a shower and drying our hair, our strands magically fall back into their original orientation. After a strong gust of wind, we simply have to shake our heads and the hair style re-forms itself easily. Why is this?

This is due to chemical bonds that exist in the hair. Nature had been so detailed in designing hair that it even gave us a means to style our hairs naturally without harmful chemicals. Just what are these chemical bonds that naturally bind?

The 3 Chemicals Bond in Hair

1. Hydrogen Bonds

Like most chemical bonds, the bindings on our hairs are actually invisible to the naked eye. The first kind of binding are the hydrogen bonds. Why do we need hydrogen for healthy hair? First, hydrogen provides the hair a means to be as flexible as it can. Without hydrogen, our hair would be as stiff as twigs. You know what this means: the hair will break easier.

2. Salt Bonds

The second type of binding are called the salt bonds. True to its name, salt bonds are dependent on specific pH environments. These bindings are the most easily disposed of. Since the hair is continually under ‘assault’ from different chemicals, salt bonds are progressively weakened on a daily basis. If you wish to maintain your salt bonds, simply purchase a chemical normalizing solution for your hair.
3. Disulfide Bonds

The third type of binding are called the disulfide bonds. What makes disulfide bonds special and more important than the other two bonds mentioned before? Disulfide bonds are the actually the reason why the hair is intrinsically resistant to stresses. This is also the reason why plain old water can’t break hair that easily.

How to Naturally Curl Hair?

Do you want to naturally curl your hair without making use of harmful chemical agents? There is a way! The first thing that you should do is to wet your hair thoroughly from the roots in the scalp area to the very tips. Do this because hair is far more flexible when wet than when it is dry. Dry hair has the tendency to break without softening agents.

After wetting your hair, get six or seven rollers. Rollers are the oldest means to curl your hair, and the older generation would recognize these especially those who liked hot curls in the past decades. Now, curl your hairs using the plastic rollers. Keep the rollers on for most of the day.

Since the hydrogen bonds have been temporarily dispelled during the wetting of the hair, the reformation of the bonds would take place around the plastic rollers.

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