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Mable Thomas : Designing a fairytale


16BGMPASSIONS_2548680eBangalore abounds with talented people and then there are some who are multi-talented. Mable Thomas belongs to the latter group. A software engineer with 14 years of experience in the IT field, Mable quit her job at a reputed MNC to “follow” her heart and set up Styylefairy Couture (http://www.styylefairy.com/) that specialises in women’s contemporary Western, ethnic and bridal wear.

“The name was conceived while I was driving to office one morning. I immediately registered a domain and left it at that. It was only later that it metamorphosed into a boutique store concept,” the designer-entrepreneur narrates.

“It initially started as a hobby, mainly with children’s wear and gradually foraying into ladies wear. This got my friends excited and they, in turn, became the first patrons. This motivated me to take the leap and convert my passion into a full time venture. I decided to augment my self-taught skills with professional learning, and pursued a Fashion Design PG course at NIFT, Bengaluru,” she recalls.

At Styylefairy, Mable creates unique patterns, following international styles, trends, and forecasts, be it gowns, jackets, runway-style apparel or ethnic wear.

“We pay special attention to details and finishes, making our clothes stand out from what you otherwise see. Our USP lies in custom-designed ensembles to suit various body types, making them look flattering on our patrons,” she states. The designer has got her hands full but she says, “Switching from a comfortable corporate job to setting up a business without any prior experience was not easy. Not having a background in fashion or textile field also posed its own challenges. I have been learning and evolving. The journey has been exciting and enriching, with each day posing new challenges to solve and new lessons to learn. But I’m loving it!”

Besides all this, she also adds that handling the staff, meeting deadlines, maintaining quality, and controlling costs are also other challenges that she faces. “To all this add keeping up with the ever changing fashion world, social marketing, and retailing. Being an entrepreneur, you have the sole responsibility to solve issues and keep the show running.”

In future, Mable hopes to be a recognised designer. “I’m looking forward to showcasing my clothes at various Indian and International runways. My aspiration is to make Styylefairy Couture a known brand, in this city and beyond.”



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