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10 Amazing Life Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life


underarm stains

Are you embarrassed of those stinky, yellow stains on your shirts and blouses? Here’s a one simple home trick that will help you to get rid of those ugly stains. Just scrub them with a mixture of equal parts lemon juice or baking soda and water.And you are good to go!
pesky zipper
Fed up with a Pesky Zipper? Your Vaseline or pencil might just come handy. Just rub it on zipper to fasten it easily.
jeans in plastic bag
Your pair of jeans has a bad odour and you don’t have the time to wash it! One easy trick that will take off all the bad odours, keep your jeans in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer overnight.And then no more bad odours!! 
loose button thread
Don’t know sewing, and scared to lose buttons of your shirt? Just dab the brush of a clear nail polish on the buttons and then your problem is solved.
patent leather shoe
Is dirt spoiling your pair of patent leather shoes and you don’t know what to do? Apply a little bit of Colin or any glass cleaner and make them shiny again.
oil stains
Are those oil stains ruining your favourite delicate clothes? No more worries, just put some dish-washing liquid on it and no more stains. And dish-washing liquid won’t spoil your clothes also.
chewing gum
When “chewing gum” gets stuck in your clothes and you start panicking because you don’t know how to take it off?Don’t need to panic anymore just rub ice on it and you’re good to go!
shirt collar
Running out of time in a morning and don’t have much time to iron your shirt collar?  Your hair straightener will do the job in few minutes
shaving - shower gel
You’re out of shaving cream, and forgot to buy one. Here’s a substitute for that. You can use conditioner or shower gel. They will do the same job that shaving cream can do.
hair spray for tights
While you slip on your stockings or leggings, you notice that it has started to run. Fret not; you can just fix it using a hairspray.
Article written by Tulika Ajmani , Term II, PG Diploma in Fashion Communication, JD Institute of Fashion Technology.


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