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Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles


Short hairstyles are recommended for round face shaped persons. It is known as the best face lengthening haircut, that even has a slimming effect. There are several styling options to create different looks with the same haircut.

The Pixie Haircut

The pixie crop haircut has started to be a hot trend since the “It” model Agyness Deyn made a fashion statement with her platinum blond short hairstyle. They even named this haircut “The Aggy”“. It is a versatile haircut that may be styled in a good girl style, or a punkish look and even a groovy out-of-bad look. It inspired many of the celebrities to cut their hair, even Victoria Beckham decided to go short after the “Pob Hairstyle”. The pixie haircut is a low maintenance style that is easy to fix. It is perfect for busy women, because of its manageable character.

agynessdeynhairstyles_pixiehaircutr Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair Halle Berry New Short Pixie Haircut

Razored Punk Hairstyles

The razored punk hairstyle is a casual style that is provides an edgy look. It is cut close to the scalp on the sides and left longer on the top, so that you can style it with some extra mousse and get the wild look you were dreaming about. It is easy to shape and using different styling products, the texture of the hair may be changed from one style to another. An intriguing styling option for those who prefer to miss out the punk look, it is the messy razored style. It is low maintenance as well, and it matched older women to, for the youthful look that provides.

Wavy Short Hairstyles short-hair2

Edgy Short Hairstyles

The most edgy short hairstyles are mostly asymmetrical, bright colored or cut in strong geometrical lines. It is a haircut that’s full of personality, but it mostly needs straightening to make it really defined. If the hair has natural curls, than the cut is the most important thing to pay attention for, while the styling is quite simple. Just a small amount of styling products and the edgy look is ready to rock. Make sure you match the haircut with your face shape and the result will be stunning either ways.

Short Curly Hairstyle Summer 2009 Mini Bob Hairstyle for 2009 Short Blonde Fohawk Women

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