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What is Sonam Kapoor’s daily diet plan?



With celebrity status comes the responsibility of looking your absolute best—but you got to feel it too. There’s a difference between strict diet plans and balancing it all out; and Sonam Kapoor’s daily diet routine—revealed by her personal trainer and nutritionist Radhika Karle—is all about the goodness of healthy living.

Karle, the founder of Balanced body lets us in on the diet rules Kapoor follows to look and feel good.

Currently we are focusing on a high protein diet plan for Sonam. She is working out two times per day so she needs the protein to rebuild the lean muscle mass,” says Karle.

Diet plan:
She has simple carbohydrates in the form of two to three servings of fruit and two servings of low-fat Greek yoghurt every day. This ensures her energy levels and blood sugar don’t drop during her long and hectic days.

How often does she change it?
Sonam’s meal plan changes based on daily schedule or it depends on the role she is playing. Her role in Khoobsurat called for a lean look as she was playing a physiotherapist so we ensured it was a healthy, calorie-specific meal plan. And in Dolly Ki Doli she needed to gain the body mass so we let loose on the plan a little and just ensured we ate at the appropriate time – every two hours.

Sonam Kapoor’s diet rules
1. Drink four litres of water per day
2. No fried foods
3. No sugar and no sweets

Cheat meals?
NO! I’m pretty strict unless we are in a remote place where we cannot find anything to eat, then we eat what I like to call ‘a better bad option.’

Her current drink obsession
Coconut water and chaas – sometimes two per day. Sonam drinks a lot of fluid while dubbing and Juicifix cold-pressed juices – we do a Juicifix detox ever so often where there are five-six bottles of vegetable and fruit juices.



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