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Career in Fashion Photography

Career in Fashion Photography
Career in Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is a genre of photography which has been in existence since the earliest days of photography. All the known and reputed fashion photographers have a style of their own which is the main factor depending upon their success. There are many practical skills that a student considering fashion photography as a career has to have. These include having knowledge about awareness of fashion trends, lighting, different styles of composition and sharpness. Fashion photographers must have the will to try out different techniques and at the same time put in a lot of hard work to make them known.

It is the fashion photographers responsibility to not only take the photos, but also to make sure that the photographs share the identical story that the clients label stands for and what the client desires. It is a demanding job which if they accomplish, recognition and wealth will follow on their own. Fashion photographers work both indoor and outdoor to produce the most breathtaking photographs for apparel, accessories and lifestyles.

Skills Required

Creativity is one skill that fashion photographers must have as it will make their pictures stand out. Fashion photographers must also have the ability to be structured with an artistic sensibility. A fashion photographer has to builds good relationships with models so that they feel comfortable during the photo shoot and give their best. They should also be able to work successfully with lighting so that they can utilize it to enhance the aesthetics of the picture.

Career in Fashion Photography
Career in Fashion Photography

Types of Fashion Photographers
There are three different types of fashion photographers:-

  • High fashion photographers
  • Magazine photographers
  • Mail order catalogue photographers.

Although these are the three types of fashion photographers, they may also be employed by advertising agencies, fashion houses or they may be self employed.

Salary Prospects

High fashion and magazine photographers tend to make more money than catalogue photographers, although catalogue photographers get a monthly salary and enjoy paid holidays as well. According to statistics, careers in photography are expected to rise by 10% in 2016.
In India, if you start off as an assistant to a senior photographer, you would be paid Rs. 36,000 – Rs. 72,000 per year. However, once you get reputable, then the salary would be based as per the assignments ranging between Rs. 120,000 – Rs. 360,000 per assignment.


Career in Fashion Photography
Career in Fashion Photography


Fashion photographers get to enjoy traveling on exotic vacations and spend time with beautiful models. They live a glamorous life which most of the people dream of leaving.
There is a lot of hard work involved and sometimes a fashion photographer works in the locations which might not be ideal and it also involves them working in rain or other such situations. One can also find a fashion photographer spending a lot of time using the computer, making his/her pictures come alive.

However, a fashion photographer’s life is very hectic and has a lot of pressure attached to the job title because of the client expectations for the photographer to deliver quality work within the tight deadlines. Apart from this, fashion photographers have to go through a lot of physical exertion because of the heavy equipment that he/she has to carry.

Career Path

Some institutes have courses in fashion photography and some hold workshops from time to time. Aspirants can also do a one-year fashion photography diploma course and then work or specialize further.

Article written by Mr.Rc Dalal,Executive Director, JD Institute of Fashion Technology.


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